What will make your year?

Now that we’re well into 2012, what are the results that will provide a sense of real accomplishment and impact when the year comes to a close? Rave reviews? Social or community impact? More customers? More participants in your program? What personal goals do you have?

And the big question is: How will you get there? We need a map, right? But I’m not talking about the proverbial “road map” because often there isn’t a “road,” no well-worn path for what we’re trying to do. Even better it there isn’t, I’d say.

This reminds me of watching a televised orienteering contest in Sweden, a country where many of my relatives reside. For the uninitiated, orienteering is a sport of navigating, cross-country running really, with a map and a compass as your only tools, through all type of nature, rocks, fields, forests. Yes, the sport is not particularly spectator friendly or exciting tv viewing. Still, I found it compelling. It involves skilled mapping, map reading and decision-making while running (or walking fast, depending on your ability) to your target location.

To reach our targets this year we all need a map that accounts for the side trails, the obstacles, the twists and turns, hills and valleys we will encounter. And we need our compass to keep us on track and help us make quick changes when the current route has obstacles slowing us down.

What is your compass? My colleagues and mentors, friends and family all keep me on track. And I use what is often called our “inner compass,” what feels right. With that inner compass, we find our “true north,” what feels true and just, to guide us. For this time in 2012, I’ll say these it is more important than ever to be on the right path, for our accomplishments to contribute to positive change in the world.

Glad och sacra resor. Happy and safe travels.

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