Speaking In Code

We all speak “in code” in our professional worlds. Try sparking a conversation with these, “Our CTO and I discussed the TQM reports from our ASP’s…” (Corporate acronyms might make a fun party game.) Or “We want complete transparency with all our stakeholders in benchmarking our capacity building in our CSR program.” The most erudite of folks won’t know what you’re talking about, of course, unless they use the same terms. We use jargon, techno speak, acronyms... Read More

Welcome to Nord Strategy Group

Nord Strategy Group is a team of strategic communicators and market activators. We help you chart your strategy and metrics, create your messages, and execute your communications and marketing. Our experienced creative, marketing, and production professionals help you take full advantage of opportunities in your marketplace. We work with companies from the Russell 1000 to start-ups across industries as well as major NGO’s and burgeoning causes.